An authentic journey in the past

Valle Maira owns a significant artistic heritage, that dates back mostly to the Middle Age.
Every small village has his own treasure to show and to look after.
Stone walls, slate roofs and wooden trusses; votive fresco chapels, tête coupées, rib vaults, communal ancient ovens. Walking through the small villages you may dive into the past and be surprised to see how everything has remained the same.

We, in our our small way, contribute to maintain this heritage supporting the Associazione Escarton, an organisation that handles the conservation of the traditional Alpine architecture (restoration of sundials, restoration of church of San Peyre, restoration of votive pillars, etc, )

We have also supported the project of restoration of products from the famous local painter Matteo Olivero.


Hamlets in the municipality of Acceglio:

Frere, Gheit, Chialvetta, Pratorotondo, Viviere, Borgo Villa, Villaro, Lausetto, Colombata, Ponte Maira, Saretto, Chiappera.
Stop and observe, every day a new discovery…

•Ancient communal oven (Gheit hamlet–Acceglio)

Gheit is a small hamlet, with houses completely restructured following the original structures.
In the center of the village you can find the ancient oven that was used by families talking turns.
It’s always open to the public, provided with tools for bread-making.

Mill (Pratorotondo hamlet –Acceglio)

Passing through the central road, surrounded by houses, you can reach the Ancient Mill. The peculiarity of this mill is the horizontal stone wheel mounted on vertical blades.
In Pratorotondo you can also find the ancient furnace in lime.

Chiesetta di San Maurizio (Lausetto hamlet–Acceglio)

Leave your car at the parking of the hamlet and walk in the small lonely church.
Through a brief walk you will have the possibility to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the village.

Chiappera hamlet (-Acceglio)

One of the most beautiful hamlets of Acceglio.
At the foot of Rocca Provenzale this little hamlet, characterised by his small lodges completely restructured, emerges.
Walking through the houses you will be surprised by little private gardens, underpasses and small bridges, that in the past used to be the way into barns.

Chiesa Parrocchiale of Elva

Small village between Val Maira and Val Varaita, reachable from Stroppo.
Here you can find the Parrocchiale, known for frescoes from the Flemish Hans Clemer
and for sculptures of 1450, with fantastic and symbolic medieval elements.
SInce you got here, stop to visit the museum of “Caviè”, old wig sellers required in all Europe.

Chiesa di San Peyre (-Stroppo)

Middle Age church of remarkable artistic and architectural interest,
it is situated on a rocky overhang spurs. From here you can have a wonderful panoramic view.

Caudano hospital (-Stroppo)

A structure from 1643 with rib vaults and nice double-arche windows.
It was born as shelter for wayfarers or from pandemic infirms compelled to take distance from home.

Santuario di San Costanzo al Monte (-Villar San Costanzo)

The most ancient church of the valley (712 d.C.)
Capitals and Romanesque frescoes are really interesting.

Ponte del Diavolo (-Dronero)

It dates to 1428. Tree spans with arches of different dimensions, the light curving and the crenellation are of considerable interest.

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