Leaving the hotel, continue along the paved road on the left, towards Frere. Once you’ve reached the bridge, cross it and continue on the right, along the river. From here on, the path has no branches.
After a few hundred meters you will meet the only steep section of the walk,
and a big connecting rock between the lower path next to the river and the following one further up the coast.
After this section, La Scurcio resumes with gentle gradients until you reach the first stage: the hamlet of Gheit (1372 m).
In addition to the perfectly restored inhabited hamlet, we recommend the ancient community oven, always open to the public, still provided with the tools for baking.
The itinerary continues passing the hamlet and joining the paved road for a short distance.
A little further on, on the right, you will find the indications for keeping following the path, situated between dry stone walls that in the past used to divide the properties.
Second stage: the hamlet of Chialvetta (1494 m). We recommend the rich ethnographic museum “La Misoun d’en bot” with more than 1500 pieces of the working and private life of the past.
Crossing the hamlet you reach the church of Sant’Anna. On the left, the path continues reaching the third stage: the hamlet of Pratorotondo (1629 m) where you can see the old stone mill with its original blades mounted on a vertical axis.
The path continues towards the hamlet of Viviere (1713 m) with its small and characteristic groups of beautifully restored houses.